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Office is an indespensible part of any organization. It helps to plan it's operation intelligently and put them in action completely. Modern office is reguarded as a memory center or store house of information. The importance of office are as follows :
1. Information center :
As we know that office collect the information from different sources and record them in systematic and scientific way. All kinds of information of the past and presentare available in an office.So we can get any kinds of information whenever it ios required.So , office is known as information center of organization.

2. Communication Channel :
Proper communication is very necessary for the smooth running of an organization.All the inward and outward mail or correspondence are manage by the office which passes through all the concern department and person related to organization. so office provide the channel for communication.

3. Coordinating Center :
The process of communication is impossible without an office. It provide the competent clerical services to whole organization. It keeps contact with all the departments and provides necessary information for the coordination of the various activities of an organization. So office can be known as coordination center.

4. Control Center :
One of the necessary function of management is control. It is a common way to prepare plans and targets of all the activities of the organization. It controls the unwanted derivations and monitors the process of work. So office can be also known as control center.

5.Service Center :
Office provide or serves all the department of the organization with all the necessary information so that their department may function properly. It also provide the clerical service to the department of an organization. So office can be known as service center.

6. Memory Center :
All the information , datas which are collected from different source are recorded in systematic and scientific way . It acts as an store house of an organization. Without records the oganization may not operate properly. Therefore, office is known as the brain and memory center of an organization.

7. Helps Employees :
It helps the employee by preparing the wages and salary sheets and their payment. It keeps the record of workers attendance, leave due, provident fund balance, calculation of overtime, etc.It contributes in maintaining good relation between the management and workers.

8. Office As An Intermediary :
An office is an intermediate between the department and the outsiders. Office helps to make links of the organaization with it's suppliers, shareholders, government and the general public.In short , office is responsible for:
a. Office attends the enquries, order and complaints of its customer and suppliers.
b. It answer the enquries of the shareholders and creditors.
c. It issues share certificate, notice of company meetings, dividents and works related to shareholders.
d. It helps to creat a good image of the organization in front of general public.
e. It helps to maintain liaison with the government and other institutions.
Therefore , these are the major importance of the office , without which an organization can't be operate properly , effectively and efficiently.


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