Saturday, December 26, 2009


Guides are the key to efficient filing. It helps in filing and locating folders accurately and quickly. Without them , records will not stand up right properly in the drawer. Guides are usually made of heavy cardboard or press board. This materials is strong enough to last a long time,and also to help hold the records in an upright position.
guides also serves as signpost to speed finding and filing folders. Records are always fled behind the guides, which indicates their position. To make visible all the tabs of the guides, these tabs are often staggered so that the second tab is at the right of the first, and so on. Without guides we would be wasting a great deal of time in finding records. The number of guides , the tab size and position , and the quality of construction depend upon the filing system being used . Guides can be alphabetic guide , geographic guide , numeric guide , out guide etc.

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