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Filing if the process of systematically classification and arranging record so that they will be kept safely and will be obtainable without delay when required . When the mail clerk receives correspondence in an office , it is opened and date stamped and later delivered to concern personnel . However ,secret letters aren't opened. after correspondence has been released for filing it travels through five distincts steps or pocesses.

1. Inspecting :
Before filing the corrsepondence, it is necessary to check for release make -checking the release mark in the correspondence is known as inspecting. This is the first step in filing process . Release mark is the authority to life.

2.Selection of caption :
Selection of caption is the mental process by which the names , subject or other caption is determined . Caption is a name or heading under which correspondence will be filled. The selection of caption should be which the correspondence is most likely to be requested.

3.Coding :
After determining the caption under which the piece of correspondence is to be placed in the files such names are marked in the correspondence. Marketing the caption is coding. The caption selected for the cross reference should be underlined or written.

4. Sorting:
After correspondence has been inspected and coded, they should be arranged in conplete alphabetical sequence. Sorting is the process of arranging the caption in alphabetical order after coding.

5. Storing:
The last step in the filing process is the actual placement of the records in the files which is known as storing. The correct file or folders should be lifted and correspondence should be placed in the foldes.

Thus, the process of filing should be done in systematic manner.

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