Friday, November 13, 2009


Secretary means 'one entrusted with secrets'. The word 'secretary' has been derived from the latin word 'secretarious' which means 'a confidential writer or notary'. The secretary has come to play dominant role in society. He is indespensible or important person in commerce, industry, and other institutions. The secretary has to attends the routine activities and affairs of the association or the organization. A secretary always perform their work on the behalf of others who appoints them. According to the ''Oxford Advance Leaner's Dictionary'' defines the word secretary as 'a person who works in an office, working for another person, dealing with letters and telephone calls, typing, keeping records, arranging meetings with people etc.' Secretary is a person who is incharge of records, correspondence, minuates of meetings and related affairs of an organization, company, associations, etc. A secretary is responsible to supervise the clerical work,handling correspondence, recording highly confidential materials,and relieving for boss of routine duties. In short, a secretary is a person who works in an office or organization, works on the behalf of other who appoints them. There are different types of secretary employed in organization.They can be classified in six categories on the basis of their nature and functions.

1. Private secretary
2. Secretary of club or association
3. Secretary of a cooperative society
4. Company secretary
5. Secretary of local bodies
6. Secretary of a government department.

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