Thursday, November 19, 2009


An office manager is the incharge of the office .He is the one with the work of managing the office work. He is an executive whose main aim is to manage, organize and control the office in such a manner that organization can perform efficiently and effectively. He is to decide about who is to do the work, how the work is to be done and how much to be done. He is the key person of the organization. He acts as the liasion officer between the top manager and the subordinates. He is responsible for the function that are performed in an organization. He has the power to take decisions. He acts as a leader, organizer, and counselor to promote the office.

According to the S.P.Arora,'' offfice manager is an executive who is incharge of the office and whose chief function is to organize and contorll it, and he integrates the work of the office with that of other department."

Therefore , office manager is the key person or the executives of the office whose main responsibilities is to manage , organize and control the office in such a way that organization can work or performed efficiently , effectively and properly.

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